2019 Ishigaki Trip Ishigaki Longitudinal Second Day (On the day)


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Cycling start.

On the day.
The rain on the previous day has gone somewhere, and it seems that we can leave safely even if the weather is not good.

Yeah. .. .. Come on!
Ishigaki Cycling is here!

Departure from Kukuru-Aim for Hirakubozaki.
I’m not looking forward to it.

Kukuru departure


For the time being, the purpose of this time is NUNU’s 80km challenge. The 120km around Ishigaki Island is a common article, but the 80km vertical section is the challenge this time. Leave the directions to Google. I plan to go from Kukuru and return for just 80km.

Lunch will be at Akashi Shokudo. While I was fine, I ran 40km to Hirakubozaki. I intended to stop by on the way back.


I can no longer explain which section and how.
The city area is relatively flat, but once you get out of the city, it’s just a series of ups and downs.

In some cases, you will be driven on a gravel road that feels malicious to Google teacher. .. ..

On the gravel road after the rain, the tires are dirty and the mud on the wheels makes the brakes make a strange noise. I’m worried about scratches on the wheels.

And finally, NUNU whispered to the ups and downs that continued too much. .. ..

It is a destination change.
We will reset Akashi Shokudo as a destination for the time being.


Hoshino Shoten

It’s a long way to go, but there is no so-called convenience store.
A cafe or a juice shop. .. .. I don’t intend to sit down and relax, so there aren’t many places that are just right for a break where I can stop by for replenishment, so I finally met Hoshino Shoten. This guy can’t be missed!

It’s about 15km so far. nice! It was a good time!

After replenishing the bottle and taking a break, I started running again.

NUNU-sama goes out again around the neck of a turtle on Ishigaki Island. .. .. I managed to survive while saying, “Akashi Shokudo is just around the corner!” “It seems that you can climb by singing Himehime Pettanko!” However, in reality, there was a tough battle from the thinnest part of the neck (at most 4km 10 minutes) …

Akashi Shokudo

Name: Akashi Shokudo
Address: 360 Ibaruma, Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture

Around not far past the turtle’s neck. It seems to be a famous place near Yaeyama. I think it arrived around 12 o’clock, but there are 7 groups of people in line. More and more customers will continue while we are waiting. There is no room in the waiting chair, and NUNU sits next to the bicycle without the energy to stand up.

I was a little tired of standing and waiting, but I didn’t have a chair. .. ..


Mr. Akashi Shokudo, I was waiting for 7 groups, but it seems that the rotation is quite good, and customers are coming in one after another. While I was waiting, an unpleasant car came, and when I saw the line, I rushed out. (Is it really hungry?)
If you wait for a while, it seems like you can put it in immediately … but it’s a waste! HeHeHe

It’s finally my turn while I’m smoking!
I am hungry because of the tiredness of my bicycle.
I took a seat while fluttering and ate Yaeyama soba.

Me: Yaeyama Soba (Large)
Mr. NUNU: Yaeyama soba (middle)
1 piece of soki

On the introduction page of Ishigaki Island, it was written that it was not traditional Yaeyama soba, but since it is the first time in the first place, I do not know how it is not traditional.



The light soup of pork bones is very gentle and salty to the tired body.
By the way, when I looked around, I was surprised that many people asked for pork cutlet.
I don’t know if there will be next time, but I will remember it in one corner.

It was a break of about 1 hour including meals.
Replenish drinks at the vending machine in front of the shop and start again.


A few kilometers left to Hirakubozaki.
I asked NUNU several times in a few kilometers, “Would you like to turn back?”, But I didn’t turn back.

I was approached by an uncle of a apt-like road who had a career along the way and confirmed that it was the same destination.
My uncle ran through quickly, but I feel like I was able to join the ranks of “the people who are doing their best on bicycles.”
Anyway, I will do my best while denting several times by repeating climbing and descending.
However, while doing so, I encountered the uncle’s return trip.


Uncle “There is still a lot to come!”

I will fold my heart.

NUNU, can you go to the end! ??

・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ I can’t write in detail anymore. Omitted.

Did it!

NUNU is a one-way run!

I was running with a cyclocomputer and a smartphone connected, but as expected, the battery of the smartphone is also the limit in one way.

On the way back, I connected it to the mobile battery and the assist of Google teacher was also the way back to the way I came.
However, for the time being, I avoided the mud gravel road that was guided to the outbound route, and chose a paved road for the return route.

Return to Kukuru

For the time being, it’s definitely easier to go home! !! !!
I don’t know how to go around the route around the route, but when it comes to the straight route of the longitudinal route, I think that the ratio of downhill is longer on the way back.
The reason why my uncle felt so early on his way home may be due to that.

In any case, on the way back, NUNU ran smoothly and was able to finish safely.

Result (first half)
Dist 42.25㎞
Max 52.6㎞/h
Ave 14.1㎞/h

Result (Latter half)
Dist 39.78㎞
Max 58.1㎞/h
Ave 17.1㎞/h